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A city of northwest Chile on the Pacific Ocean south of the Peruvian border. Founded in the 1500s, it was ceded to Chile by Peru in 1883.


(Spanish iˈkike)
(Placename) a port in N Chile: oil refineries. Pop: 243 000 (2005 est)


(iˈki kɛ)

a seaport in N Chile. 132,948.
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One which I caught at Iquique, (for they are found in Chile and Peru,) was very empty.
Implementing agency : GobernaciEn Provincial de Iquique,
IQUIQUE, Chile -- Hard-won expertise and a big dose of luck helped Chile escape its latest magnitude-8.
Chile's arid, mineral-rich north is sparsely populated, with most of the population concentrated in the port towns of Iquique and Arica, near the Peruvian border.
The quake struck at 9pm yesterday, 95 kilometres off the city of Iquique at a depth of 20 kilometres, according to the US Geological Survey.
IQUIQUE, Chile, Jumada II 2, 1435, Apr 2, 2014, SPA -- Authorities in northern Chile discovered surprisingly light damage and just six reported deaths Wednesday from a magnitude-8.
The governor of Chile's northern Iquique area, Gonzalo Prieto, said that two people were confirmed dead and several others were seriously injured.
0-magnitude quake, struck 50 miles from Iquique on the coast of Chile and led to a large scale evacuation.
It struck 99 km northwest of the port city of Iquique at 8:46 pm local time (10:46a m AEDT).
nz, the governor of Iquique Gonzalo Prieto confirmed the deaths and injuries in an interview with a local radio station.
1 km) below the seabed and struck about 100 km northwest of the mining port of Iquique near the Peruvian border.
O'HIGGINS made light of not playing any of their home matches in Rancagua during the Apertura and they can continue their good form, wherever they pitch up, by kicking off the Clausura with victory over Iquique, writes Steve Davies.