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A city of northwest Chile on the Pacific Ocean south of the Peruvian border. Founded in the 1500s, it was ceded to Chile by Peru in 1883.


(Spanish iˈkike)
(Placename) a port in N Chile: oil refineries. Pop: 243 000 (2005 est)


(iˈki kɛ)

a seaport in N Chile. 132,948.
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SANTIAGO, TEMUCO and IQUIQUE, CHILE, and LIMA, PUERTO HALDONADO and TRUJILLO, PERU * During a week-long visit to Chile and Peru, Pope Francis exhorted political leaders across Latin America to fight the "social virus" of corruption, called migrants an "icon of the Holy Family" to be protected, and decried policies he said "strangle" the Amazon rainforest's native tribes.
The message was a reference both to Peru's own abuse scandal and to Francis' comments Thursday in Iquique, Chile, that there was not "one shred of proof" to allegations that a protg of that country's most notorious pedophile priest, the Rev.
The Strikers were shipped to the port of Iquique, Chile.
An earthquake that took place in Iquique, Chile this April was not the 'big one' according to US geophysicists.
2 magnitude quake's epicentre was 99km northwest of Iquique, Chile, at 10 kilometres deep.
IQUIQUE, Chile -- Hard-won expertise and a big dose of luck helped Chile escape its latest magnitude-8.
Fishing boats washed ashore by a small tsunami in the northern town of Iquique, Chile, after magnitude 8.
IQUIQUE, Chile, Jumada II 2, 1435, Apr 2, 2014, SPA -- Authorities in northern Chile discovered surprisingly light damage and just six reported deaths Wednesday from a magnitude-8.
Its epicenter was 37 miles northwest of Iquique, Chile.
The specimen was deposited with number MUAP(PO)-0902 in the Zoological Collection of the Marine Science Department of the Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile.
Distribucion geografica: Originalmente descrita para la costa de Iquique, Chile (Semper 1868).
The resignation of Bishop Marco Antonio Ordenes Fernandez of Iquique, Chile, marks one of the few times that the Vatican has acknowledged publicly that it was investigating a bishop for sex abuse allegations.