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 (ĭ-kē′tōs, ē-kē′-)
A city of northeast Peru on the Amazon River northeast of Lima.


(Spanish iˈkitɔs)
(Placename) an inland port in NE Peru, on the Amazon 3703 km (2300 miles) from the Atlantic: head of navigation for large steamers. Pop: 389 000 (2005 est)


(iˈki tɔs)

a city in NE Peru, on the upper Amazon. 274,759.
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These domestic operations, with service from Lima to Iquitos and Cusco, began October 1 and 7th, 1999.
The Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversion) of Peru has revealed that the license to construct a 70 MW thermoelectric facility and deliver power to the Peruvian Amazon city of Iquitos on the short term basis has been awarded to the Brazilian company Genrent do Brasil.
Iquitos, Peru, is a metropolis "in the middle of nowhere," he said, "reachable only by river or air.
In February 2012, SeaDream II will sail the Amazon on two 20-day roundtrip voyages from Barbados to Iquitos, Peru.
He is responsible for the project in an extensive area in the jungle of Peru, and his work is now based in the city of Iquitos.
The ship was scheduled to arrive in Nauta on Monday, and from there guests would be transferred back to Iquitos.
It starts in Iquitos, Peru, the last stop before hitting the mighty Amazon.
Andean adventure: Saga Holidays, which specializes in travel for those over 50, offers a 25-night tour of South America that includes a visit to Iguazu Falls, a cruise on Lake Titicaca, a train trip to Macchu Picchu, and stays in Cuzco and Iquitos.
The new carrier, operating as a unit of the Grupo TACA airline alliance, began flying between Lima and both Iquitos and Cuzco (the gateway to the ancient and magnificent Inca ruins at Macchu Piccu which have long been one of Peru's leading tourist attractions) on October 1 and 7, respectively.
Vasquez also revealed the establishment of road readjustment plan of Iquitos, including construction of a tram system from Bellavista-Nanay to Quistococha and a highway.
Guests fly to Lima and transfer to Iquitos to board the ship.
The study was conducted in 16 purposively selected zones in four regions in Peru, including peri-urban slums in Lima and towns and villages in Cajamarca in the Sierra Mountains, Iquitos in the Amazon rain forest, and Chincha on the coast.