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 (ĭ-kē′tōs, ē-kē′-)
A city of northeast Peru on the Amazon River northeast of Lima.


(Spanish iˈkitɔs)
(Placename) an inland port in NE Peru, on the Amazon 3703 km (2300 miles) from the Atlantic: head of navigation for large steamers. Pop: 389 000 (2005 est)


(iˈki tɔs)

a city in NE Peru, on the upper Amazon. 274,759.
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Ramal is a specialist in infectious and tropical disease medicine at Loreto Regional Hospital, Iquitos, Peru.
Speedcast International Limited , the worlds most trusted provider of highly reliable, fully managed, remote communication and IT solutions, announced today that they will be providing 500 Mbps of connectivity via satellite into Iquitos, Peru.
Most catfishes with similar features inhabit underground aquifers and other cave environments" that are dark, but this one was found in the river near Iquitos, Peru.
This is a community health project that educates people, promotes wellness, and brings joy, hope, and healing to this impoverished community in Iquitos, Peru.
El estudio fue realizado en el Centro de Reproduccion y Conservacion de Primates (CRCP) del Centro de Investigacion IVITA, ubicado en el distrito de San Juan Bautista, Iquitos, Peru.
IQUITOS, PERU * Long ago, say the Kukama elders, when animals were people, there was no water, and a woman was very thirsty A woodpecker took pity on her and (killed into a giant lupuna tree.
Tafur, a physician in the United States, assists in management and treatment at Nihue Rao, a traditional healing center in the Amazonian Rainforest, established in 2011 in Iquitos, Peru.
3) Universidad Nacional de la Amazonia Peruana, Iquitos, Peru.
A surreal jungle experience awaits in Iquitos, Peru Iquitos, Peru, is a popular stopover for tourists headed into the lush Amazon jungle, offering a variety of seaside activities and indigenous food to sample.
Vazquez-Prokopec was part of a team that looked at dengue transmission in Iquitos, Peru, a city of 400,000 located deep in the Amazonian rainforest.
Through its hub in Panama City, Copa Airlines is able to consolidate passenger traffic from multiple points and provides unique service to many destinations such as Santiago de los Caballeros in Dominican Republic,Asuncion in Paraguay and Guanacaste, Costa Rica and Iquitos, Peru from June/July 2012.