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Noun1.Irish people - people of Ireland or of Irish extractionIrish people - people of Ireland or of Irish extraction
nation, country, land - the people who live in a nation or country; "a statement that sums up the nation's mood"; "the news was announced to the nation"; "the whole country worshipped him"
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THE Irish People has teamed up with Sunblest to make sure that you are neither HOT nor CROSS this Easter with an egg-cellent new promotion for every reader.
DELUDED developer Sean Dunne has sensationally claimed he owes the Irish people nothing after landing them with a [euro]180million bill.
But the wide-ranging study did show that Irish people were at the lower end of the scale when it came to being overweight.
And over the next two weeks the bakery is ready give away a FREE pack of Sunblest Hot Cross Buns to every Irish People reader
EIGHT in 10 Irish people support wind power, it emerged yesterday.
JUST one-in-five Irish people living in Britain for more than 20 years have applied for British citizenship.
THE IRISH PEOPLE is on top of the world today after becoming the only Sunday newspaper to score top success in Northern Ireland's press Oscars.
Enda Kenny has confirmed that a [euro]64billion millstone has been placed around the necks of the Irish people by our so-called friends in Brussels and Frankfurt.
FAI chief executive John Delaney claims Irish people are more interested in playing soccer than gaelic games.
And next Sunday in the Irish People you will see the 12 most beautiful faces in the country.
While it brings some short-term benefits, the Irish people are still carrying a massive debt that wasn't theirs in the first place.
NUMBERS of Irish people in Britain are in decline for the first time since records began.

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