Iron Lady

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Noun1.Iron Lady - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
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PARTNERSHIP: Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher and Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady
40pm, 8pm, 9pm The Iron Lady (12A) Fri-Mon/Wed/Thu 10am (Wed), 1pm Sat/Sun), 1.
THE family of Margaret Thatcher have rejected an invitation to see the Iron Lady at a public screening, the film's director said yesterday.
Thirty years after the Iron Lady came to power, BBC World Affairs Correspondent Allan Little examines why she had such a tempestuous relationship with the Scots.
1976: Margaret Thatcher was dubbed The Iron Lady in the Soviet newspaper Red Star, after a speech about the Communist threat.
The Iron Lady became the Marble Lady in the imposing eight-foot high, 1.
SHE may be starring in the Iron Man 3, but Gwyneth Paltrow went more Iron Lady in a pewter-coloured dress at a posh party in New York.
Margaret Thatcher is no more Hero to the rich, villain to the poor She's finally gone that iron lady Her politics remain exceedingly shady She persecuted the poor most folk will cry Conveniently forgetting the right to buy History will recall a fearsome prime minister The mining community something more sinister She bullied the unions and left them in bits Her sorry demise played out at the Ritz So farewell Maggie you sure left your mark No tribute at Anfield nor Goodison Park From grocer's daughter to top of the pile A remarkable feat though many you did rile by Ron Bowcock, via email
htm) Margaret Thatcher Quote, Unquote: How the Iron Lady Defined a Political Ideology [VIDEO] (http://www.
A FILM studio where big screen hits including The Iron Lady and War Horse were shot has been saved.
Meryl Streep won best actress for The Iron Lady, and Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer won best supporting actor and actress awards.
MERYL STREEP may have been nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, but Argentine critics panned the film during its premiere in Buenos Aires.