Iron founder

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a maker of iron castings.

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Some of them even told her so, married rich daughters of tea merchants, iron founders, or successful stocktrokers, and then tried to make matches between her and their lowly born brothers-in-law.
The building was built at some point between 1883 and 1885 and was designed by architect John Clarke on the instruction of iron founder H Rankin.
In 1789, a British brass and iron founder, Robert Ransome, began to cast iron plowshares in Ipswich.
Certainly there'd be quite a party; lots of them died relatively young and there'd be a fair smattering of publicans amongst the fisherfolk and seafarers, coal miners, labourers, business people of varying degrees of success, school teachers and an iron founder, blacksmith and colliery engineer.
Seizing the opportunity, Budding and his partner, Stroud iron founder John Ferrabee, licensed their design to other companies, such as Shanks of Arboath, Thomas Green of Leeds and notably Ransomes of Ipswich.
Flat Iron founder Charlie Carroll (pictured left) said the technology would help ensure the restaurant's stocks of meat, valued at thousands of pounds, would be stored in prime condition.
No graving dock existed in the colony of New South Wales and Captain John Vine Hall, the ship's master, after having the vessel's stern surveyed by divers, (4) engaged the Sydney iron founder and marine engineer Richard Dawson (5) to work under his direction to build a caisson in the form of a cofferdam to allow access to the ship's stern and then to make those repairs to the iron hull necessary for a safe return voyage to England.
The Palm House was designed and built with the help of iron founder Richard Turner between 1844 and 1848.
His father was a Liverpool iron founder who had some affluence.
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We do know that by 1841 an iron founder, James Foster, was living there and by the 1870s a chap called Frederick Hull was a resident.
Alex Vasilevsky, Virtual Iron founder and CTO said, "By actively engaging with the DMTF, we join many of our strategic partners in the development of standards for integrated, interoperable management solutions.