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1. A construction worker who builds steel structures.
2. One who is employed in an ironworks.
3. One who makes iron articles.


1. (Commerce) a person who works in an ironworks
2. (Commerce) a person who makes articles of iron


(ˈaɪ ərnˌwɜr kər)

1. a worker in iron.
2. a person employed in an ironworks.
3. a person who works with structural steel.
i′ron•work`ing, n.
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Noun1.ironworker - a person who makes articles of ironironworker - a person who makes articles of iron
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
puddler - a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling
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Whereupon the carpenters, structural ironworkers and teamsters walked out; and Billy, lacking train fare, spent the rest of the day in walking home.
Joe was a member of the Ironworkers union local 57.
s Parsippany office, the construction management firm for the project, called the Audubon Society after one of the ironworkers, a bird enthusiast, stated that the bird could be a protected species.
We are honored to be invited to the Ironworkers Instructor Training Program," stated Terry Vernille, Executive Vice President of MagneGas.
WASHINGTON -- The skilled tradesmen who do more than you can imagine - Union Ironworkers - are emphasizing the many advantages of a relationship with the international organization.
Based on their achievements in Austin, and last year's competition in Houston, TX, two ironworkers from the District Council will compete against their peers from across the U.
In 2005, Local 46 of the Metallic Lathers & Reinforcing Ironworkers Union began its tradition of celebrating the holidays by bringing the voices of loved ones to the men and women in the armed forces who are stationed overseas.
Also featured are Native American apprentice ironworkers constructing the Zampa Memorial Bridge in Vallejo, an apprenticeship training school and young workers building their first home in a low-income Sacramento neighborhood.
July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- MassMutual's Retirement Services Division has been selected by Ironworkers Local Union 79, Norfolk, Va.
In addition to serving as vice president of Ironworkers International, Walsh sits on the boards of the Ironworkers International Executive Council, the New York State and New York City Executive Boards of the Building and Construction Trades, the Construction Industry Partnership of New York and a number of other organizations.
IMPACT, local unions and signatory employers steadily focus on amping up market share for both sides, cultivating bilaterally beneficial partnerships with signatory contractors and building a new army of top-notch, young ironworkers trained to be the best at constructing the complex structures of the future.
president of Cives Steel Engineering; John Cavanagh, formerly of Morse Diesel and AMEC Construction Management; Robert Stewart, president of American Steel Erectors; and Bill Colavito, president of Ironworkers Local 455.