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Work in iron, such as gratings and rails.


1. (Crafts) work done in iron, esp decorative work
2. (Crafts) the craft or practice of working in iron


(ˈaɪ ərnˌwɜrk)

objects or parts of objects made of iron: ornamental ironwork.
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Noun1.ironwork - work made of iron (gratings or rails or railings etc)ironwork - work made of iron (gratings or rails or railings etc); "the houses had much ornamental ironwork"
piece of work, work - a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing; "it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works"; "the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work"; "he was indebted to the pioneering work of John Dewey"; "the work of an active imagination"; "erosion is the work of wind or water over time"


[ˈaɪənwɜːk] N (on piece of furniture) → herraje m; (on building) → obra f de hierro
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Nigel Tyas Ironwork will hold an open afternoon called 'At the anvil - keeping ironworking skills alive' on Friday, from 2.
Escuela Taller is a training center for underprivileged youth trained in carpentry, ironworking and masonry, with a focus on restoring heritage structures.
They also christened Bryce with his own hashtag: #ironstashe thanks to his prominent mustache and roots in the ironworking industry.
The grant offers tuition, fees and program supplies to train Texas individuals who are 18 and older in the non-credit Ironworking, the credit HVAC&R (Commercial Servicing Certificate) and Electrical Technology (Occupational Certificate) programs located at LSC-North Harris.
The grant offers tuition, fees, and program supplies to train Texas individuals 18 years of age and older in the non-credit ironworking, for-credit HVAC&R (commercial servicing certificate) and Electrical Technology (occupational certificate) programs located at LSC-North Harris.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2016-JPW Industries Acquires Ironworking Tool Maker Edwards Manufacturing
Ironworking consists of a lot of things from heavy rigging, structural steel work, and occasionally even window installation.
Two concerned the Morse telegraph patent; (260) two the Woodworth planing machine patent; (261) and two involved suits brought by Henry Burden, a noted inventor and ironworking magnate, against one of the country's leading industrialists, the iron and railroad entrepreneur Erastus Corning.
Early ironworking in Europe: Archaeology and experiment; Abstracts, International Conference, Plas Tan y Bwleh, 19-25 Sept.
From growing up working in my father's ironworking shop, to teaching welding and carpentry to students in Honduras, to co-founding the Career and Technical Education Caucus in the Senate, I've witnessed the incredible power of CTE to help move people up the economic ladder.
Her grandparents', father Wilfred's and uncles' original home was the ironworking and mining village of Clydach, near Blaenavon, before the family moved to Port Talbot in the 1920s.
THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO, ironworking revolutionized society by making more efficient and longer-lasting tools.