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Noun1.Irula - a Dravidian language closely related to Tamil that is spoken in a hilly section of southwestern India
South Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in southern India
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The Irulas, another ancient and underprivileged Scheduled tribe group, inhabiting the forests of Tamil Nadu and other parts of south India number about 1000, speak the Irula language and are also believed to belong to the Negrito race.
Old Tamil belongs to the southern branch of this family, which includes Malayalam, Irula, Kota, Toda, Kannada, Badaga, Kodagu, and Tulu, as well as Modern Tamil" (50).
On Wednesday, Miami Herald reported that efforts have been made in the state to control the population with officials hiring snake trackers from the Irula tribe in India, who hunted down 33 snakes in a month.
Sandeep Chachra, Executive Director of ActionAid India said:"We are happy to partner with Jet Airways in transforming lives and livelihoods of the most excluded and marginalised women from Irula tribals, homeless and slum communities.
I have taken my kids to a bunch of Gerry's camps outside the city: The first one was the Family Nature Camp at his farm in Hunsur, with my son Raoul who was about 7 at the time; the second was a large game experience at Mudumalai Reserve to which I took both Raoul and my five- month- old Samara, the third was again with both kids to Rom Whitaker's herpetology workshop with the Irula trackers in Chengalpet outside Chennai, and most recently with a friend to the workshop at the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station.
The Negrito racial grouping includes the tribals of the hills of Cochin and Travancore (Kerala) such as Kadar, Irula, Paliyan, etc.
Irula, Augusta Oluremi Ishola, Albert Jenkins, Sayon D.
The ten essays grouped under "Studies in Language and History of Language Description" cover a vast amount of ground, from Kamil Zvelebil's "Prolegomena to an Etymological Dictionary of the Irula Language" to Thomas Lehmann's discussion of pronouns in Old Tamil and Peter Schalk's refutation of the derivation of ilam from sihala.
He is one of the Irula, an indigenous tribal people who live in Southern India and who have traditionally made a living as snake catchers.
Kari Siddamma has been working extensively with the marginalized Irula (a low caste) tribal communities in Tamil Nadu for more than 12 years.
Participating in the search from the Antelope Valley were Leighty, Jonathan Irula, Michael Norris, Brandon Beeler, Brian Grijalva, Brett Chapman, Chris Prime, and Adam Norton.