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A city of southern California southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County. A branch of the University of California (opened 1965) is here.


(Placename) a town on the W coast of Scotland, the administrative centre of North Ayrshire: designated a new town in 1966. Pop: 33 090 (2001)


(Biography) Alexander Andrew Mackay, Baron, known as Derry. born 1940, British lawyer and Labour politician; Lord Chancellor (1997–2003)


(ˈɜr vaɪn)

a city in SW California. 127,873.
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Walt Irvine drew himself away with a jerk from the metaphysics and poetry of the organic miracle of blossom, and surveyed the landscape.
When Walt Irvine went down to inspect the intruder, he was snarled at for his pains, and Madge likewise was snarled at when she went down to present, as a peace-offering, a large pan of bread and milk.
And this would have been the end of him, so far as Irvine and his wife were concerned, had not Irvine at that particular time been called away into the northern part of the state.
The homing instinct, Irvine called it, after he had expended the selling price of a sonnet in getting the animal back from northern Oregon.
Failing in this, Wolf raced back to where Walt Irvine sat, catching his coat-sleeve in his teeth and trying vainly to drag him after the retreating man.
This time he went to the little seaport town of Irvine to learn flax dressing.
So leaving the troubles and temptations of Irvine behind, he carried home a smirched name to his father's house.
to light by the researches of Dr Irvine of the Advocates' Library,
Irvine graduated from Quincy High School, in Quincy, in 1938, and later attended Burdett Business College in Boston.
Travel Business Review-June 8, 2011--Destination Irvine Announces Summer Hotel Offers(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
There wasn't much excitement on the court in Cal State Northridge's 74-57 loss to UC Irvine on Saturday afternoon.
The Lord Chancellor's son, Alastair Irvine (right), was yesterday jailed for 16 months for terrorising a love rival.