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Noun1.Irving Howe - United States editor (1920-1993)
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La obra intelectual de algunos de esos pensadores, como los brillantes ensayos de Bell sobre la sociedad posindustrial, el fin de las ideologias y las contradicciones culturales del capitalismo, o los estudios de Lipset sobre estructura y movilidad social en la construccion del orden politico de la posguerra, o los textos de Kristol sobre literatura y politica, en la linea de Lionel Trilling, Irving Howe y los criticos de Nueva York, producia sentidos mas alla de aquel giro a la derecha.
Its very first issue, which the New Yorker called "surely the best first issue of any magazine ever," featured pieces by Norman Mailer, Irving Howe, Philip Rahv, Susan Sontag, Alfred Kazin, and other literary heavyweights, immediately establishing itself as a publication of literary and cultural criticism on par with the original iterations of Commentary, Dissent, the Partisan Review, and the like.
Irving Howe, World of Our Fathers: The journey of the East European Jews to America and the Life They Found and Made (New York: Harcourt, Brace Jovanovitch, 1976), 618.
Cahan saw his paper as embodying the potentialities and contradictions of the entire immigrant experience," Irving Howe asserts in World of Our Fathers, (4) In Lipsky's account, the Forwards evocation of an immigrant world remains, alas, opaque.
He writes eloquently and proves that the best autobiography comes through the words of others as he describes over forty Jewish authors of his connection like Alfred Kazin, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Grace Paley, Saul Below Irving Howe, Allen Ginsberg, and Amos Oz as well as non-Jewish writers like James Baldwin, Amiri Baraka and Jose Yglesias.
Trilling, Macdonald, Hitchens, along with Irving Howe and John Lukacs, are all candidates for the honor, but all fall short of the mark, in most cases because they lack the fierce independence and moral courage of their predecessor.
Con esa suma se imprimieron cien mil ejemplares de un tabloide de 48 paginas que contenia mas de cuarenta colaboraciones firmadas por autores como Wystan Hugh Auden, John Berryman, Irving Howe, Susan Sontag, Norman Mailer, William Styron, Mary McCarthy, Paul Goodman, Alfred Kazin, William Phillips y, por supuesto, Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell y Jason Epstein.
Attacks also came from the left, none of more consequence than that of critic Irving Howe.
Lionel Trilling and Irving Howe and Other Stories of Literary Friendship, by Edward Alexander.
Joseph Epstein, Richard Rorty, and several others have discussed whether Irving Howe could be "the American Orwell.
A student of Irving Howe (the New York Intellectual who founded Dissent in 1953), Walzer began publishing in Dissent as an undergraduate, commenting on communism in Europe and the civil rights movement in the US.
I have listened with joy to--and still remember--speeches, lectures, and lessons given by important people in my life: Vito Perrone, Lillian Weber, Mike Harrington, Irving Howe.