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Noun1.Irvingia - wild mango
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Simaroubaceae, quassia family, Simaroubaceae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs with bitter bark having dry usually one-seeded winged fruit
dika, Irvingia gabonensis, wild mango, wild mango tree - African tree with edible yellow fruit resembling mangos; valued for its oil-rich seed and hardy green wood that resists termites
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The project aims to promote the culture of plant Irvingia gabonensis highly appreciated for the consumption of fruit by the populations of four (04) villages in the periphery of the Tai National Park ie Tchetaly, Wonsealy, Gbliglo and Gnaboya.
Then the Irvingia gabonensis, garcinia cambogia, fucoxanthin, and chromium go to work.
The popular African mango (AM) supplements are based on extracts from the seeds of Irvingia gabonensis.
Inhibition of Irvingia gabonensis seed extract (OB131) on adipogenesis as mediated via down regulation of the PPARgamma and leptin genes and up-regulation of the adiponectin gene.
Some of the popular seeds used for soup preparation as condiments and thickeners in the Igbo speaking South Eastern parts of Nigeria are Irvingia gabonesis (ogbono) and Citrullus colocynthis (melon).
Weight Loss (Cha de Bugre, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, Hoodia Gordonii)
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The study found that the extract Irvingia Gabonensis naturally acts as a very strong appetite suppressant by influencing the way the brain works.
Optimized Irvingia w/Phase 3[TM] Calorie Control Complex
It produces several proprietary, all-natural diet support supplements that include Raspberry Ketones and the plant Irvingia gabonensis, commonly known as African Mango.
Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Sugar Controller provides support to reverse the age-related metabolic changes that predispose middle-aged individuals to weight gain.