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A river, about 295 km (185 mi) long, rising in the Tyrol of western Austria and flowing generally northeast through southeast Germany to the Danube River.


(Placename) a river in central Europe, rising in W Austria and flowing generally northeast through S Germany into the Danube. Length: over 260 km (160 miles)


(ˈi zɑr)

a river in central Europe, flowing NE from W Austria through S Germany to the Danube River. 215 mi. (345 km) long.
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For ISAR imaging, this has been shown that combining ISAR and sparse learning can improve the 2D image quality with limited measured data [22].
At Cekican Skala, a location at the western foot of the Isar, at the level of the Bregalnica, a medieval tunnel was discovered, frequently mentioned in local legends.
For the purpose of applying the ISAR image to the Korean military system, we recently conducted an intensive research on imaging and classification methods based on the range-Doppler algorithm (RDA) [9,10].
On the one hand, the ISAR image may be contaminated due to the interference from the additional time-varying m-D modulations when the backscattering of the micro-motion part is emphatic enough [15-17].
Since 2006 members of the ISAR team had been travelling to the African state of Tanzania to train and equip its fire service in the town of Dar es Salaam.
First, pulses during three near measurement intervals are selected from the whole track of target, and three ISAR images are obtained.
In real-world ISAR imaging scenarios, the target being imaged is often engaged in complicated maneuvers and the motion of the target can be divided into translational and rotational motion.
XE), a Germany-based utility company, is planning to close its 912-megawatt nuclear reactor Isar 1 in Bavaria in southern Germany.
The new beans, which ISAR began formally distributing to farmers at the beginning of the year, also have good nitrogen-fixing qualities as the soil bacteria in the bean plant's roots absorbs nitrogen which is then released into the soil and acts as a fertiliser.
There is a lot of demand for the idols of Isar and Gangaur ahead of this festival.
At last year's meeting, ISAR also agreed to recommend to all countries that public enterprises should follow the body of IFRS issued by IASB.
ISAR is underperforming in terms of the execution of contracted research activities, the transmission and packaging of timely results to users, and monitoring and evaluation of system results.