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 (ĭsh′mē-ə-līt′, -mā-)
1. A descendant of Ishmael.
2. An outcast.

Ish′ma·el·it′ism n.


1. (Bible) a supposed descendant of Ishmael; a member of a desert people of Old Testament times
2. rare an outcast
ˈIshmaelˌitism n


(ˈɪʃ mi əˌlaɪt, -meɪ ə-, -mə-)

1. a member of a Biblical people descended from Ishmael, who is regarded in Muslim tradition as the progenitor of the Arabs.
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This feeling had been accentuated by the Ishmaelite life he had led from his puppyhood.
As the most hardened Arab that ever careered across the desert over the hump of a dromedary likes to repose sometimes under the date-trees by the water, or to come into the cities, walk into the bazaars, refresh himself in the baths, and say his prayers in the mosques, before he goes out again marauding, so Jos's tents and pilau were pleasant to this little Ishmaelite.
They are Ishmaelites of the first order, always with weapon in hand, ready for action.
They had already begun to feel themselves on dangerous ground in keeping along it, as they might be descried by some scouts and spies of that race of Ishmaelites, whose predatory life required them to be constantly on the alert.
So East and Tom, the Tadpole, and one or two more, became a sort of young Ishmaelites, their hands against every one, and every one's hand against them.
The unfortunate bee-hunter and his companions had become the captives of a people, who might, without exaggeration, be called the Ishmaelites of the American deserts.
All these matters relating to Jesus of Nazareth and the Ishmaelite [Mohammed) who came after him, only served to clear the way for King Messiah, to prepare the whole world to worship God with one accord, as it is written, For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they all call upon the name of the Lord to serve Him with one consent (Zeph.
When the market for lumber shrank and the lumber industry entered a depression in 1921 (several Hancock County lumber mills closed in May), the ensuing layoffs had a drastic impact upon a work force already strapped by the collapse of the cotton market (Sparta Ishmaelite 13 May 1921:1).
Other mixed marriages reported without censure from the tribe of Judah include Judah himself with Bath-shua, a Canaanite (1 Chr 2:3); Jether the Ishmaelite with Abigail the sister of David (1 Chr 2:17); David with Maacah the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur (1 Chr 3:2); a Judahite Mered with Bithiah the daughter of Pharaoh (1 Chr 4:18); (8) and some of the descendants of Judah's son Shelah with Moabites (1 Chr 4:22).