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also Is·kŭr  (ĭs′kər)
A river of western Bulgaria rising in the Rhodope Mountains and flowing about 400 km (250 mi) generally north and northeast to the Danube River.
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24 Chasa also mentions a parallel but smaller project planned for the fall near the Iskar Train Station in the north-east of the city.
But the Italian participation in the energy improvements in Bulgaria includes the Enel re-habilitation of the Maritza Iztok 3 thermo-electric plant (now the most environmental friendly in the Balkans), the flowing water electric plants the Italian firm PVB is building on the river Iskar (and hopefully the river Maritza).
Contract notice: " supply of specialized vehicles and specialized equipment for the needs of" purity - iskar "ltd".
current repairs of the roof of the administrative building - lower part arb-mi, gara iskar c.
7 on the Richter scale with an epicenter located in the Rila Mountain, southwest of Musala peak, and west of the Beli Iskar dam, at a depth of 0km.
The first two packages - IA and IB - have already been awarded to two Turkish engineering giants Iskar Insaat and Sezai Turkes-Feyzi Akkaya (STFA), respectively.
As well as skiing, Borovets offers numerous activities for its guests such as horse riding, cycling, hiking, fishing and various water sports at the nearby Lake Iskar.
Plevneliev was speaking at a news conference jointly with Environment Minister Nona Kara-djova near the Iskar Dam.
The year 2006 was an exceptional year, due to several big one-time transactions such as the purchase of Israel's Iskar corporation by the US billionaire Warren Buffett.
Trumpet player Jerry Sabatini recently likened his work in the Sonic Explorers quintet, Iskar quartet and Roving Soul trio to tending a garden.
The Cherepishki monastery is neatly tucked away in the superb Iskar Gorge, hundreds of feet down, where the Sofia-Vratsa railway runs up the valley bottom.