Isla de la Juventud

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Is·la de la Ju·ven·tud

 (ēs′lä dĕ lä ho͞o-vĕn-to͞od′)
See Isle of Youth.



n., pl. youths (yuθs, yuðz)
(collectively) youth.
1. the condition of being young.
2. the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of the young.
3. the time of being young; early life.
4. the period of life from puberty to the attainment of full growth; adolescence.
5. the first or early period of anything.
6. young persons collectively.
7. a young person, esp. a young man.
[before 900; Middle English youthe, Old English geoguth, c. Old Saxon juguth, Old High German jugund; see young, -th1]


Isle of, an island in the Caribbean, south of and belonging to Cuba. 68,700; 1182 sq. mi. (3061 sq. km). Formerly, Isle of Pines. Spanish, Isla de la Juventud.
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a Cuba Cruise offers seven-day circumnavigations of Cuba from both Montego Bay and Havana, visiting six ports of call such as Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Punta Frances on the Isla de la Juventud.
In addition to the closure of more than 100 sugar mills, large citrus groves disappeared almost overnight, as in Isla de la Juventud.
Both "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson and "Peter Pan" by James Matthew Barrie are rooted, in part, on accounts of Isla de la Juventud and its native and pirate inhabitants.
Acoustic recordings of the Cuban Tody were obtained between 2001 and 2006 at 15 sites in seven provinces of Cuba: Isla de la Juventud (1 site), Pinar del Rio (3), Matanzas (4), Ciego de Avila (1), Camaguey (1), Santiago de Cuba (1), and Guantanamo (4) (Fig.
Italians Filippo Invernizzi and Giuseppe Omegna started Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers in 1993 and the company now offers charters through nine lodges throughout southern Cuba, on the Caribbean, in well-known locales including Jardines de la Reina and Isla de la Juventud, among others.
In an essay published yesterday, the 82-year-old former president wrote that television footage of the devastation on Isla de la Juventud off the country's mainland reminded him of "the desolation I saw when I visited Hiroshima".
They were then flown or shipped halfway around the world to Cuba's Isla de la Juventud.
Forecasters said Gustav was just short of becoming a topscale Category 5 hurricane when it hit Cuba's mainland after passing over its Isla de la Juventud province, where screaming 150mph winds toppled telephone poles, mango and almond trees and peeled back the tin roofs of homes.
About 300,000 Cubans were evacuated before it reached Isla de la Juventud then lashed the mainland.