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 (ĭs-lä′mə-făsh′ĭz′əm, ĭz-)
The political ideology of militant Islamists viewed as an agency of oppression or hostility toward democracy.

Is·la′mo·fas′cist n.


(Islam) an ideology promoted by some Islamists, the aims of which are to establish Islamic orthodoxy and to resist western secularism
ˌIslamoˈfascist adj, n
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Without the support of Muslim leaders to direct the attention of Muslims to the lies and distortions of the Islamic Fascist propagandists, we stand little chance of winning the war against terror without a conflagration on the scale of a world war.
First, after getting their toraborealis blown off in Afghanistan, our Islamic fascist antagonists may be seriously rethinking their hunker-in-the-bunker strategy; B, we're still waiting on the 411 for those weapons of mass destruction the RNEP would be hunting down; and 3, wagging fingers at Iran and North Korea about nuclear proliferation while poring over "Bunkie's" blueprints may turn out to be not the smartest arms-control strategy.
Thomas Friedman's solution to help our decades-old ``image'' problem with the Islamic fascist world is to close the doors to Guantanamo Bay and give the ``inmates'' a trial.
The Islamic fascist maniacs who turn deluded young Palestinians into human bombs would be infuriated by the happy faces in the photo.
Make no mistake, this was the work of Islamic fascists.
With the picture we want to criticize the killings, rapes, and public executions by Islamic fascists, who are breaking news," revealed the FEMEN founder.
For my part, I have taken great care to distinguish between the Islamic fascists who are trying to destroy us (and dominate and oppress their fellow Muslims) and the hundreds of millions of Muslims who wish to be free to follow the guidance of their own good judgment.
Western ideas of inclusion, especially about gay rights, women's rights and artistic expression, are precisely the libertinism that Islamic fascists rail against.
Radical Islamic fascists "have no traditional military assets .
in a good position to fight and destroy Islamic fascists.
Islamic fascists are working to subjugate or kill all kfirs (that is, infidels), first through bloody massacres of innocent civilians and then through the global jihad, yet the author talks about "pluralism" and "inclusivism.
It became a titanic test of wills between America and the forces of Islamic fascists.
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