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Noun1.Islamic law - the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed; "sharia is only applicable to Muslims"; "under Islamic law there is no separation of church and state"
fatwa - a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
hudood, hudud - Islamic laws stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes
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Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law, which groups it with brigandage, highway robbery and extortion rackets-- any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power.
Shah (a Reader in Law at the University of Hull, UK), "Islamic Law and the Law of Armed Conflict: Essential Readings" is an important collection of scholarly articles that reveals a multiplicity of perspectives on the Islamic law of war and peace.
He further added that Pakistan was founded on the name of Allah but unfortunately despite passing 68 years till now we could not implement the Islamic Law in the country which was the main reason that we were facing multiple kinds of issues including worst law and order situation, corruption, poor economy, drug addiction.
Chibli Mallat has taught and written on Islamic law over the past three decades, including in his latest book, "Philosophy of Nonviolence: Revolution, Constitutionalism and Justice beyond the Middle East," (Oxford University Press, 2015).
MSF's guidebook on humanitarian law, which has been translated into Arabic and includes a section on Islamic law, explains to field staff that humanitarian principles have their roots in religious principles, whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or otherwise.
Islamic Law and Jurisprudence was established in 1999 to teach Islamic Law and Shariah from Matric to Ph.
Crone, "Jahili and Jewish Law: the Qasama," Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 4 [1984]: 153-201; Ruud Peters, "Murder in Khaybar: Some Thoughts on the Origins of the Qasama Procedure in Islamic Law," Islamic Law and Society 9 [2002]: 132-67).
He added: Thanks to Allah Almighty, then the determination of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; the Crown Prince and the Deputy Crown Prince that the assault on the Kingdom's Islamic Law and approach won't increase the Kingdom but determination and strength in adhering to this right religion that came as a mercy to the world in its call for acquaintance among humans and the renunciation of violence and call for peace for the common good of humanity.
Just as there exist multiple denominations in Christianity, Islamic law is not uniform and varies across Muslim countries--nay within each tribe, sect, and sub-sect, each following their own interpretation.
The Council of Senior Scholars has defended the Kingdom's judiciary, saying it is based on Islamic law and guarantees the rights of all people.
He also highlighted Qatar's unique position in blending legal thinking from across the world with Islamic law to build its own legal system.
Speaking at the opening of the Comparative Law Conference organised by the Faculty of Law at Qatar University (QU) with the support of the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority on Sunday, Marri highlighted Qatar's unique position in blending legal approach from across the world with Islamic law to build its own legal system.

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