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 (ĭs-lä′mə-făsh′ĭz′əm, ĭz-)
The political ideology of militant Islamists viewed as an agency of oppression or hostility toward democracy.

Is·la′mo·fas′cist n.


(Islam) an ideology promoted by some Islamists, the aims of which are to establish Islamic orthodoxy and to resist western secularism
ˌIslamoˈfascist adj, n
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For the last few years, Turkey has been moving headlong into an Islamo-fascist regime in line with the ambitions and aspirations of a political Islamist ruling clique.
The strongest of these are jabahat al-Nusrat, an off shoot of Al-Qaeda and an Islamo-Fascist group almost as nasty as IS.
Al-]Sisi came into power by something of a coup over the Islamo-fascist [ousted president Mohamed] Morsi -- and then has worked hard to make peace, rein in and seal off Hamas, turn Qatar from the Islamist camp.
But he of all people - as current chair of the Labour Friends of Palestine - should know that the charter of Hamas (the unelected Islamo-fascist government of Gaza) calls for Israel's destruction, whilst Abbas's insistence on the so-called "right of return" for Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948 would, if implemented, bring about Israel's demise in any case.
The apparent owner of the gun oil site, who goes by the name 'The Midnight Rider,' explains how the pig fat will transfer onto anything the bullet strikes, adding: This "effectively denies entry to Allah's paradise to an Islamo-fascist terrorist.
There is no exculpating the undoubtedly unpleasant Shah, but why have the usually judgmental and moralistic Left ignored his far more unpleasant Islamo-fascist successors as the dictators of Iran?
The Brotherhood, a notorious, fanatic, Islamic organization, formed in 1928, was designed to function as an Islamo-fascist movement and crusade against the West.
Islamo-Fascist Iran is the most dangerous state in the Middle East, and Marxist Venezuela, led by Fidel Castro cohort Hugo Chavez, rivals Cuba as most dangerous state in the West.
To reiterate the necessity of ethical monotheism in a world witnessing the evaporation of European Christianity and the spread of an Islamo-fascist intolerance.
can be harmed if such nuclear capability reaches Syria as well as other Muslim and Arab States who are rapidly becoming more Islamo-Fascist, the U.