Islas Malvinas

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Islas Mal·vi·nas


Falk′land Is′lands

(ˈfɔk lənd)
a group of islands in the S W Atlantic, E of Argentina, constituting a self-governing British colony. 2374; 4618 sq. mi. (11,961 sq. km). Cap.: Stanley. Spanish, Islas Malvinas.
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During the encounter he reminded his fellow participants that 50 years earlier, on June 25, 1965, the UN approved Resolution 2065, which recognized the Islas Malvinas as a case of colonialism.
I didn't announce my nationality at the Islas Malvinas stadium, nor did I in the popular section of Rigot to seven or eight, temples to local heroes.
The census results have implications for Argentina, which refuses to deal directly with the Falkland Islands' local government and accuses Britain of running what Argentines call the Islas Malvinas as an illegal colony.
I wonder how many of your readers realise that there are more Welsh-speakers in Patagonia, Argentina, than there are English speakers in the Islas Malvinas or Falkland Islands YOUR VIEW GWILYM LEVELL Tonna, Neath Port Talbot ALL this regurgitated triumphalism to remember Margaret Thatcher's war in the South Atlantic of 30 years ago
However, the only issue Britain would not discuss was that of the sovereignty of the Falklands - which Argentina calls the Islas Malvinas - "unless and until the islanders wish us to do so.
Argentina dispute Great Britain's claim to the Islands they call Islas Malvinas and Russia dispute Japan's claim to the Kuril Islands.
And All Boys reckon Boca thugs were in cahoots with the Velez fans because they wanted their game moved from the Estadio Islas Malvinas.
Andrew Rosindell, the secretary of the parliamentary all-party group on the Falklands, called Islas Malvinas by the Argentines, said Buenos Aires should be told not to meddle in the affairs of the islands.