Isle Royale

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Isle Roy·ale

An island of northern Michigan in Lake Superior near the coast of Ontario. French fur traders named the island in 1671. Native Americans mined the island's copper for centuries before ceding the island to the United States in 1843. It is now a national park.

Isle Royale

(Placename) an island in the northeast US, in NW Lake Superior: forms, with over 100 surrounding islands, Isle Royale National Park. Area: 541 sq km (209 sq miles)

Isle′ Roy′ale

(ˈrɔɪ əl)
an island in Lake Superior: a part of Michigan; a national park (Isle′ Roy′ale Na′tional Park′). 208 sq. mi. (540 sq. km).
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A clipping study on Isle Royale indicated that the site-dependent survival and growth of balsam fir were related to suppression brought about by severe browsing in previous years (McLaren 1996).
In part II, he travels more widely offering interesting observations of Colorado, Wisconsin, the North Cascades, the Great Lakes including Isle Royale, the Porcupine Mountains wilderness, and New York at Niagara Falls.
On Isle Royale, an island in Lake Superior, rising winter temperatures and a disease outbreak caused wolf populations to decline and the number of moose to surge, leading to a decline in balsam fir trees.
For example, in the Isle Royale simulation, students are asked to predict whether increasing the food supply will help stabilize the fluctuations of the moose population; then, after running the simulation, they must compare their prediction with the output of the model.
in his wolf research work on Lake Superior's Isle Royale for some four decades.
In which Great Lake is Isle Royale National Park located?
Island Folk: The People of Isle Royale" is a complete history and examination of the people of Isle Royale.
Park Ranger Anna Pigeon joins the three other members of the winter study team and two scientists from Homeland Security on Isle Royale in Lake Superior to observe the behavior of the wolves there.
Part of a third-generation commercial fishing family from Isle Royale, Sivertson grew up helping his father harvest lake trout, whitefish and herring.
One national parks study found higher levels of a particular stress hormone among wolves at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota (where snowmobiles are common) compared with Isle Royale National Park in Michigan (where the machines are banned).
New data from Michigan Technology University shows that moose numbers on Isle Royale are down to 450, the lowest population in 50 years.
And on Lake Superior's Isle Royale in northern Michigan, a one-time population of 2,000 moose has fallen to 450, says Rolf Peterson.

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