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Ish·ma·el 1

 (ĭsh′mē-əl, -mā-)
In the Bible, the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac. He is traditionally considered to be the forebear of the Arabs.

Ish·ma·el 2

 (ĭsh′mē-əl, -mā-)
An outcast.

[After Ishmael.]


1. (Bible) the son of Abraham and Hagar, Sarah's handmaid: the ancestor of 12 Arabian tribes (Genesis 21:8–21; 25:12–18)
2. (Bible) a bandit chieftain, who defied the Babylonian conquerors of Judah and assassinated the governor appointed by Nebuchadnezzar (II Kings 25:25; Jeremiah 40:13–41:18)
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) rare an outcast


(ˈɪʃ mi əl, -meɪ-)

1. the son of Abraham and Hagar: both he and Hagar were cast out of Abraham's family by Sarah. Gen. 16:11, 12.
2. outcast; pariah.
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Noun1.Ishmael - (Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of IsaacIshmael - (Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac; considered the forebear of 12 Arabian tribes
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
2.Ishmael - a person who is rejected (from society or home)
unfortunate, unfortunate person - a person who suffers misfortune
heretic, misbeliever, religious outcast - a person who holds religious beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church
leper - a pariah who is avoided by others
Harijan, untouchable - belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India
References in classic literature ?
But this holds not always: for Augustus Caesar, Titus Vespasianus, Philip le Belle of France, Edward the Fourth of England, Alcibiades of Athens, Ismael the Sophy of Persia, were all high and great spirits; and yet the most beautiful men of their times.
Another trick I tried upon him, which he innocently came into also: his name was Ismael, which they call Muley, or Moely; so I called to him - "Moely," said I, "our patron's guns are on board the boat; can you not get a little powder and shot?
PESHAWAR:Tribesmen from the Ahmadzai Wazir clan, Wana South Waziristan on Tuesdayattacked the pro-government Taliban militant's office in Dera Ismael Khan and set it on fire.
It included his brother Muhammad Ismael (Passport # AC1859643), and Ismael's spouse Azmat Bibi (Passport # KV3100441).
President Kenyatta spoke when he met Kamal Ismael, special envoy of President al-Bashir, who paid him a courtesy call at State House, Nairobi.
Emran Sanduyugan Ismael, with aliases of Bantong Basinti and Bantong Basiri, and Bryan Ismail Mohammad, alias Pojong Attiun, were collared by operatives of the police and regional intelligence unit at a mall along La Purisima street at about 9:15 p.
Sheila Tubo-Chang, the spokesperson of the Zamboanga City Police Office, said Emran Sanduyugan Ismael (alias Bantong Basinti and Bantong Basiri) and Bryan Ismail Mohammad (alias Pojong Attiun) were arrested on Friday evening by operatives of the Regional Intelligence Unit inside a mall on La Purisima Street.
Jojar Bugti was the relative of Wadera Ismael Khan a Baloch Separatist fighter who recently quit armed struggle against the state and surrendered.
ISLAMABAD -- Another soldier Major Ishaq embraced Shahdat in exchange of fire with terrorists during the search operation conducted in Kulachi, Dera Ismael Khan.
515 West 36th Street, a new mixed-use, 38-story tower designed by Ismael Leyva Architects, topped out in mid-July.
Ismael Hernandez le regalo a Mexico uno de los mejores resulta-dos en los pasados Olimpicos.
OFAC is designating Eliseo Imperial Castro for materially assisting, supporting, providing services to, and/or acting for or on behalf of his uncle, Ismael Zambada Garcia, and/or the Sinaloa Cartel.