a.1.(Chem.) Designating, or pertaining to, an acid isomeric with cyanuric acid, and called also fulminuric acid. See under Fulminuric.
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Reactions typically involve the use of ethylene oxide, phenyl glycidyl ether (with lithium compounds as catalysts), N-glycidyl isocyanuric acid or other mono-functional epoxy compounds which reduce the polyester carboxyl content several fold after one extrusion pass.
A rubber composition for a tire comprising a butadiene polymer having a trans-1,4 content of 70-90%, and modified at the terminal thereof with a compound selected from the group consisting of (a) isocyanate compounds and/or isothiocyanate compounds, (b) isocyanuric acid derivatives and/or thiocarbonyl containing compounds thereof, (c) urea compounds, (d) amide compounds and/or imide compounds, (e) N-alkyl substituted oxazolydinone compounds, etc.