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Noun1.Isoetaceae - quillwortsIsoetaceae - quillworts; coextensive with the genus Isoetes
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
Isoetales, order Isoetales - aquatic or marsh-growing fern allies; known to have existed since the Cenozoic; sometimes included in Lycopodiales
genus Isoetes, Isoetes - type and genus of the Isoetaceae and sole extant genus of the order Isoetales
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Isoetaceae, in Lista de Especies da Flora do Brasil.
With the exception of Isoetaceae and Lycopodiaceae, the nomenclature follows Flora of North America (Flora of North America Editorial Committee, 1993).
of Peradeniya and government agencies of Sri Lanka and the Overseas Development Administration of the UK, contributors offer the latest on fern allies such as psilotaceae and isoetaceae, leptosporangiate (aquatic) ferns such as salviniaceae and marsileaceae, and the full range of eusporangiate ferns.