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a.1.The same, or equal, in law or right; one in kind or origin; analogous; similar.
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In a highly technical posting on a blog for waste specialists called Isonomia, Ms Ballinger said many aspects of Wrate were now outdated.
It is not entirely clear, for instance, that isegoria (equality of speech) is simply a synonym for isonomia (equality before the law).
To narrow this down in the Athenian case one might consider the implications of isonomia and the way that the further development of democratic systems necessitated tighter definition of citizenship.
Decididamente, a decantada isonomia esta muito longe de ser alcancada.
Assim o fora na Gécia democrática, onde, ao instituir-se a isonomia do tempo e do espaço, regulou-se o tempo dos pequenos reis ligados à sua terra e dos ritos lunares no passado distante.
Implantou-se o sistema de premiação, mediante a concessão de bolsas, incentivos e salários diferenciados, rompendo a isonomia salarial que, em muitos países, era um direito trabalhista consolidado.
Hayek referred to the principle of equality before the law as isonomia.
Today, isonomia includes the equality of men and women, yet women still do not enjoy the same legal status as men in many Muslim countries.
The Greek isonomia was, then, a proportional happiness, an unbalanced equality, of individuals who contributed their portion to the whole, and were thereby made whole.