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Noun1.Isopoda - woodliceIsopoda - woodlice        
animal order - the order of animals
Malacostraca, subclass Malacostraca - largest subclass of Crustacea including most of the well-known marine, freshwater, and terrestrial crustaceans: crabs; lobsters; shrimps; sow bugs; beach flies
isopod - any of various small terrestrial or aquatic crustaceans with seven pairs of legs adapted for crawling
family Oniscidae, Oniscidae - a family of Isopoda
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These include one Decapoda (Pagurus villosus Nicolet, 1849), two Amphipoda (Orchestia gayi Nicolet, 1849, Orchestoidea tuberculata Nicolet, 1849), four Isopoda (Oniscus armatus Nicolet, 1849, Porcellio liliputanus Nicolet, 1849, Sphaeroma propinqua Nicolet, 1849, S.
Distribution of the taxonomic groups of edaphic arthropods classified as "Other", in the forest fragments (FF) and in the areas of abandoned pasture (AP), Itaborai, RJ, Brazil Ecossistem Taxonomic group Archaeognatha, Auchenorryncha, Blattodea, Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Gastropoda, FF Heteroptera, Hymenoptera, Isopoda, Isoptera, Coleoptera larvae, Diptera larvae, Lepidoptera larvae , Neuroptera larvae, Neuroptera, Oligochaeta, Opilionida, Pseudoscorpionida, Psocoptera, Sternorryncha, Symphyla, Thysanoptera, Thysanura Auchenorryncha, Blattodea, Coleoptera, Diplopoda, Heteroptera, Hymenoptera, Isopoda, AP Isoptera, Coleoptera larvae, Diptera larvae, Lepidoptera larvae, Neuroptera larvae, Oligochaeta, Opilionida, Orthoptera, Sternorryncha, Symphyla, Thysanoptera, Thysanura Table 3.
Additional groups (Hymenoptera, Isopoda, pseudoscorpionida, and psocoptera) were present sporadically and may not be associated with the composting process; their presence might reflect their relationships with other organisms and/or preferred temperature and moisture conditions within the compost piles.
Isopoda are the largest crustaceans found on fish (20-50 mm long).
Crustaceos (Crustacea: Sessilia, Stomatopoda, Isopoda, Amphipoda, Decapoda) de Bahia Malaga, Valle del Cauca (Pacifico colombiano).
reconsidered with notes on New World species of the genus (Crustacea, Isopoda, Trichoniscidae).
Although Gammaridae were consistently collected at all sampled streams, stream numbers 2, 10, and 15 displayed unique, non-insectan communities overwhelmingly dominated by Gammaridae and Isopoda (Table 2).
In Brazil, 136 species of crustaceans are listed for parasitizing freshwater fish, most of which are Copepoda (about 60%), followed by Isopoda (about 20%) and Banchiura (about 20%) (Luque, Vieira, Takemoto, Pavanelli, & Eiras, 2013).
A review of the Diplopoda, Chilopoda and Isopoda of Great Britain assesses the conservation status of centipedes, millipedes and woodlice and identifies the species that are considered to be vulnerable , endangered or critically endangered .