It's cloudy

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It's cloudy   
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If it's cloudy and cold, expect the trout to head to deeper water, often in creek holes or river channels.
If it's cloudy on Friday night, EAS will try again on Saturday night at the same time and place.
No matter where you are in North America, whether it's cloudy, clear or rainy, NASA wants as many people as possible to help with this citizen science project," (https://www.
In the UK you can even burn when it's cloudy - 87% of the sun's rays pass through cloud cover.
But if it's cloudy then you may want to revise that.
I recently got a question from a reader: "When you are flying in clouds and the ride is bumpy, is it bumpy because it's cloudy or is it cloudy because it's bumpy?
The difference in distance from one night to the next will be very subtle, so if it's cloudy on Sunday, go out on Monday.
You should always wear sunscreen even when it's cloudy outside as you can still get sunburn through cloud.
com/simon-mobileshopper-club GOOD TO KNOW Make sure you wear plenty of sun protection - even when it's cloudy and cold.
Weather fluctuations, especially days when it's cloudy and rainy, seem to have an effect on human behaviour.
The lighting system is activated as you enter a room, and it's metered to where it measures ambient light and adjusts light settings based on whether it's cloudy or sunny outside.
When it's cloudy and there's signal interference, don't wear the watch as you do your stretches before a run.