It's dirty

It's dirty   
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And then, when it's dirty all over--so--" (he passed his hand across his own rosy cheeks as he spoke) "then she washes it.
You'll say it's dirty, low- down business; but what if it is?
A car, when washed dries up soon, but the moisture accumulates when it's dirty and starts corroding.
They want nothing to do with it because it's dirty.
Whether it's dirty facilities on the train, overcrowding or delayed trains, it is clear operators need to up their game.
The 21-year-old said he prefers to steer clear of the curvy cutlery in case it's dirty.
The staff are nonchalant, it's dirty, it's stuffed full of fake bargains - and it expects customers to endure those annoying DIY tills.
It's dirty rock at its finest with appropriate vocals that bring harmony but a slight bit of grit to rough up the edges.
It's hot, it's dirty, it doesn't sound like a place for me.
Snappy dancer It's Dirty Dancing It's Dirty Dancing with a twist.
IT'S dirty work but children at a Northumberland first school can't get enough of their new outdoor classroom.
It's dirty not only because of the ever growing pressure on its infrastructure due to rising population but also because of the apathy of BMC, said to be the richest in the country.