It's freezing cold

It's freezing cold 
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Does this mean it comes with no air con, so it's freezing cold this winter?
Yes it's only a PS5/6 fare as we live in the Bay but when it's freezing cold, raining or 2am in the morning you just want to get home.
She said: "It's January, it's high winds, it's freezing cold and people still came out of their homes.
But at this time of the year when it's dark by 4pm and it's freezing cold it's quite easy to be miserable.
And even if we have to play a rush goalie, it's freezing cold, nobody turns up, there's no hot water in the showers, I pull a hamstring in the first minute, my team loses 10-0 and I find my car's got a flat tyre in the car park afterwards, I'm sure I'll have one consolation.
You're standing there at midnight at the South portico and it's freezing cold outside and you're receiving a painting for the president that he's going to give to a world leader," Penn said.
When morning dawns it's freezing cold and ladies' day, which is never a good combination.
It's winter and people are still homeless and without food and water, at the same time it's freezing cold," said PWA public relations head Nayla Asghar Ali.
Christmas is never Christmas unless you are sat at home in front of a log fire and it's freezing cold," quipped Cook.
It's freezing cold and what we fear is that he's been missing for so long.
He said: "With materials like food, the reality is that when it's freezing cold you are not going to get flies and maggots because they can't grow in these temperatures.
That's the good thing - you get to film in the dead of winter when it's freezing cold and you've got to act like it's not.