It's not far away

It's not far away 
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But one thing about this World Cup is it's in England and Wales, so it's not far away and the games won't be turned into big events - they'll fly over and back, and not make a big fuss.
FANCY A HOUSE FOR JUST PS10,000 THE lowest-priced house we found when searching in Liverpool did not fall within the area around Sandhills, Bank Hall and Kirkdale stations - but it's not far away.
Between here and the coast and here and the countryside is so close and it's not far away from major cities.
It's close to clicking and it's not far away and I actually don't think it's going to take too much to get me back to where I want to be.
But it's not far away and it's coming, I can sense it.
I'll obviously be a bit nervous, but it's not far away and my family are very supportive.
Well it's not quite an Olympic sport just yet but it's not far away.
Survival isn't yet mathematically secure for Albion - but it's not far away.
I've also had a two-mile chaser win here and, as I live near Oxford, it's not far away," said Allsopp, who has a Josr Algarhoud half-sister coming along to hopefully continue the success story.
I haven't hit top form but it's not far away," he said.
It's not far away and long ago; it's about right now.
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