It's quite good

It's quite good 
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I think it's quite good when people try to motivate us and that's what Mr Kenyon is doing,' he said
But saying that, I go in early for a listen and some of it's quite good.
I THINK it's quite good because around this area stuff has happened in the past.
I've caught up with him a bit and it's quite good to see a familiar face, especially my Dad.
She said: "I never thought the photos would resurface, though it's quite good fun to look back.
2-litre four-cylinder diesel it's quite good value at pounds 26,495.
This is the kind of in- sanity I've been going through this week and, surprisingly enough, it's quite good fun.
It's quite good for a couple to exchange tastes and approaches that are new to both of them.
It's quite good because you step into it and it's a proper office so you have to get on with it.
Olive oil is included so it's quite good for your heart.
In the right environment, it's quite good fun, something different," added Button.

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