It's raining

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It's raining   
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It is even dangerous to access the mines at that hour when it's raining," Maalim said.
this is the view from my other window and you clearly see that it's raining ice pic.
I wanted a little dog so that if it's raining he wouldn't want to go out.
Rain IT'S raining again we moan and sigh, The sun has gone, clouds fill the sky.
We often find that, if it's raining in the hills, it's drier on the coast.
Rain It's raining now but I like it this way Given a choice this is my kind of day, To be all wrapped up in raincoat and hat Listening to the rain on the umbrella pit-a-pat Walking in puddles with a reflection of me, It feels kind of good to be alive and free The grass smells fresh, the flowers come alive, There's even a rainbow embracing the sky Clouds are not gloomy, the day is still bright, Drops in the pond reflecting the light A day to be happy, a day to be glad, Rainy days really are not all that bad.
and there is water with ducks in it when it's raining and when it
50, Cargo Just because it's raining, doesn't mean you can't have ice lollies.
It's raining, I'm freezing in a It's raining, I'm freezing in a wetsuit and I've just jumped off wetsuit and I've just jumped off a cliff.
CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW, MON-FRI, BBC2 Not as blissful as sitting in your own garden on a summer evening but much better if it's raining or there's weeding to be done.
presents It's Raining Tonight, an original novel about the obstacles and challenges of an interracial relationship.
Whenever it's raining, it's very challenging to drive on the road, especially in Sharjah.

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