It's stuck

It's stuck   
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For I'n niver forgot how you looked when you fretted about the books bein' gone; it's stuck by me as if it was a pictur hingin' before me.
Twenty years ago I was tutored by an exceptional, very professional traffic officer who got me interested in vehicle crime and cloning - and it's stuck with me ever since.
Look at the death penalty bill, until now it's stuck there, gathering mold.
Chief executive of Chwarae Teg Cerys Furlong said: "ICT is widely seen as an industry of the future, but with such a high gender pay gap and such low levels of women working in the sector, in terms of gender equality it's stuck in the past.
I was taught the value of money and it's stuck with me.
Far from calmly competent, her Tory ship is unsteady - weak and wobbly, it's stuck on the rocks.
Another piece of legislation could actually get some relief to taxpayers in some school districts - "relief" in this case actually means lower taxes - but it's stuck.
Does your site still look like it's stuck in the Internet of the Cy90s?
But you know, TV is one of those things that, if we're really honest, it's stuck back in the 70s.
I choose my words carefully there, but TV is one of those things that if we are really honest it's stuck back in the '70s.
78violet until it's stuck in your f*** head for weeks never ending.
So it's stuck with "The Goldbergs" or James Caan, not as a Corleone, but as a comedic baseball grandpa, and the wind-down of "Grey's Anatomy," which has overstayed its welcome for at least two seasons.

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