It's sunny

It's sunny   
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Olivia said: "I haven't been in a few years so it's really nice and it's sunny today.
When it's sunny, or even just dry, I love to eat my dinner on a blanket on the grass and sip a glass of wine.
Persil has come up with its own list of five things to do when it's sunny - so why not try try one of those.
EVEN though it's the middle of June it's hard to know what to wear when one minute it's sunny and the next it's raining.
The breakfasts are legendary and, if it's sunny, the afternoon tea on the terrace with a glass of bubbly is a winner.
There's a reason why you see so many Mercedes E-Class Cabriolets on the road, and it's not just because it's sunny.
If it's sunny it can be a nice pitch to bat on and we will have to work hard in every session.
Not least for it's sunny psychedelia and Beach Boys backing vocals, but more its ever-so-slightly calming influence.
It's sunny from spring to autumn and, with average temperatures of about 15C, wintertime is warm enough for hikers and those keen to explore it without crowds.
It's sunny, you get free drinks, and you meet lots of people, all of who are in a good mood because they're on holiday.
California Organic Flowers: It may be chilly wherever you live, but it's sunny in California, where California Organic Flowers grows lovely organic anemones, dianthus, dahlias and ornamental peppers for one-of-a-kind bouquets ($47.

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