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(Russian ˈbunin)
(Biography) Ivan Alekseyevich (iˈvan alɪkˈsjejɪvitʃ). 1870–1953, Russian novelist and poet; author of The Gentleman from San Francisco (1922)


(ˈbu nyɪn)

Ivan Alekseevich, 1870–1953, Russian writer: Nobel prize 1933.
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Mas ilustrativa aun es la montada en el museo Estatal de Literatura, en donde, bajo el titulo Los doce, se expuso un conjunto de imagenes y ediciones que evocan el poema de Blok del mismo nombre; en ella conviven emigrantes, bolcheviques, antibolcheviques e incluso monarquicos, como son las obras de Vladimir Mayakovski, Ivan Bunin, Zinaida Gippius, Alexander Vertinsky, Demyan Vendi, Anatoli Lunacharski, Aleksey Remizov, Maximilian Voloshin, Marina Tsvetayeva, Valery Bryusov y Maximo Gorki.
The refugees included some of the country's best writers: Marina Tsvetayeva, Ivan Bunin, Viktor Shklovsky, among others.
She cites Nobel prize-winning Russian author, Ivan Bunin, who maintains it is not the words that need to be translated, but the spirit.
This book is clearly a labor of love; it will be deservedly cherished by every reader it introduces to the remarkable Ivan Bunin.
Berriault, born of Latvian and Lithuanian parents, was influenced by Chekhov and is appreciative of various writers--including Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Bunin, Vladimir Nabokov, Primo Levi, Raymond Carver, and black and Hispanic writers.
The inclusion of the latter makes the omission of her namesake Ivan Bunin all the more surprising.
Mahoney understands fully and correctly where the value of Solzhenitsyn should be sought: not primarily in the area of the aesthetic, because among his contemporaries Vladlmir Nabokov and Ivan Bunin, Mikhayl Bulgakov and Boris Pasternak, and perhaps even Communists such as Leonid Leonov and others surpass him.