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a city in central Belgium, near Brussels. 75,723. Flemish, Elsene .
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Croix in Ixelles March 31, saying they feared for their lives if they were forced to return to Afghanistan.
I have been in contact with the Belgian authorities with regard to the registration requirements of the commune of Ixelles, in Brussels.
Ixelles est une municipalite relativement centrale de l'agglomeration de Bruxelles comprenant une population diversifiee, formee d'<<autochtones>> et de groupes immigres.
The suburb of Ixelles is a popular compromise for young commuters, although East and West Brussels have larger English-speaking areas.
a Baltimore physician who specializes in rehabilitation (of humans), regularly takes along his Labrador, Ixelles, when he visits long term care facilities, Nursing home residents love the idea, according to Godenne.
Mostofthe commissioners live in the exclusive Brussels suburbs of Uccle and Ixelles, where rents can reach pounds 2000 a month.