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also Iy·yar  (ē-yär′, ē′yär′)
The second month of the year in the Jewish calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Hebrew 'iyyār, from Akkadian ayyaru, name of a month corresponding to parts of April and May, perhaps from ayyaru, rosette, blossom.]


(iˈjar) or


(Judaism) (in the Jewish calendar) the second month of the year according to biblical reckoning and the eighth month of the civil year, usually falling within April and May
[from Hebrew]


or Iy•yar

(iˈyɑr, ˈi yɑr)

the eighth month of the Jewish calendar.
[1730–40; < Hebrew iyyār]
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Noun1.Iyar - the eighth month of the civil year; the second month of the ecclesiastical year (in April and May)
Hebrew calendar, Jewish calendar - (Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the Creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years
Lag b'Omer - (Judaism) Jewish holy day; the 33rd day after the 2nd day of Passover; the 18th day of Iyar
Jewish calendar month - a month in the Jewish calendar
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Seventy years ago, on the fifth of Iyar, Israel's Declaration of Independence was signed; the most important document in the history of the State of Israel, comprising the historic, moral and legal basis for Jewish independence in the land of Israel.
Ashwiny Iyar Tiwari (Bareilly Ki Barfi) , Suresh Triveni (Tumhari Sulu) , Shubhashish Bhutiani (Mukti Bhawan) , Avinash Das (Anaarkali of Arrah) are just a few of the new-age directors whose works have reaffirmed the truth that substance can never be subservient to form.
India Green: Murali Vijay, R Samparth, P Chopra, Shreyas Iyar, Karun Nair, Ankit Bhwane, Pathiv Patel (Captain), Shahbaz Nadeem, Parvez Rasool, Navdeep Saini, Mohammad Siraj, Sidharth Kaul, Mayank Dagar, Nitin Saini and Aniket Choudhary.
We have sealed some cash, jewellry and some other documents", Yogesh Iyar, deputy commissioner, IT, who was a part of the team that was in Meerut said.
Tenders are invited for rwss to adat replacing the existing gravity main from chaithannya junction at sankara iyar road to puzhakkal sump
Fareed Iyar said that the Federation's 42nd General Assembly Meeting (AGM) will be hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain on November 24-25 at the invitation of Bahrain News Agency (BNA)'s Director-General Mohannad Sulaiman Al Noaimi.
A year later, in the early morning hours of the fourth day of Iyar, 5709 (May 3, 1949), the first anniversary, in the Hebrew calendar, of the fall of the kibbutz, Col.
Yom Ha'atzmaut or Israel's Independence Day is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Iyar, which is the Hebrew date of the formal establishment of the State of Israel when David Ben-Gurion, who was the first prime minister of Israel, publicly read the Declaration of Independence of Israel on May 14, 1948.
Presented at the Moshiach and Science Conference of the RYAL Institute in Beersheva, 14 Iyar 5773.
m/ H honest /'anest/ I Iyar /'ija:r/ J Jung /jun/ K knight /naIt/ L LXVI /siksti'sIks[?
Urban and other stay-at-home dads reflect what a study released this month by professor Brad Harrington, Fred Van Deusen and Iyar Mazar of Boston College Carroll School of Management's Center for Work & Family concluded: In spite of media hype about laid-off fathers becoming primary caregivers, being a stay-at-home dad is usually a choice made by both spouses for pragmatic and value-driven reasons.
Iyar, "South Asian Water Concerns", South Asian Journal, April-June, 2005, pp: 1-23