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(ˌi zəˈbɑl, -sə-)

Lake, a lake in E Guatemala: the largest in the country. ab. 450 sq. mi. (1165 sq. km).
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Contract awarded for procurement of medicines to address area health izabal
The Fenix mine and processing plant are located in eastern Guatemala, in the state of Izabal.
Comparison of two socio economic assessment methods for the analysis of the invasion process of Hydrilla verticillata in Lake Izabal, Guatemala.
Sierra Caral, in the department of Izabal on Guatemala's Atlantic coast, is the most biodiverse forest remnant in Caribbean Guatemala.
Majestic volcanoes of cocaine, vast fields sown with poppy, ferocious ex-kaibiles [Guatemalan special forces trained in anti-guerrilla tactics] contracted by the Cartel of Peten and Izabal, [one of the major cartels in the north of Guatemala] rivers of amphetamines, beautiful lakes of heroin, absolute corruption and the country's fall into the hands not only those of narco-trafficking but also those of smugglers and organized crime, including the ex-military figures that direct it such as Otto-Perez Molina, Francisco Ortega Menaldo and General Callejas [former Guatemalan military figures all involved in the civil war atrocities].
Archaeological investigations in the Lower Motagua Valley, Izabal, Guatemala (Quirigua Reports III).
Torres Izabal warned of the intentions of those who opposed communist sport in Cuba.
The aircraft, belonging to Aeroruta Maya company, was flying from Guatemala City to El Estor, in northern Izabal department, when it crashed.
In a telephone interview from her hospital bed, Nancy Dryden, 67, said her husband Daniel, 66, was killed by four men who boarded their sailboat late on Saturday while it was anchored in Lake Izabal.
Howard and Jose left the Peten and drove to Izabal, in the southeast, to try to find Metamasius callizona.
The same language was invoked by Bishop Gabriel Penate Rodriguez, apostolic vicar of Izabal in Guatemala, when he spoke of the menace to Guatemala posed by mineral exploitation.
The first thing we saw in the construction industry is that there was an increase in the prices in energy-related inputs," says Ruben Izabal, general director of Homex, a Mexican construction company.