Benavente y Martínez

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Be·na·ven·te y Mar·tí·nez

 (bĕn′ə-vĕn′tē ē mär-tē′nəs, bĕ′nä-vĕn′tĕ ē mär-tē′nĕth), Jacinto 1866-1954.
Spanish playwright. He won the 1922 Nobel Prize for literature for his subtly satirical plays.

Benavente y Martínez

(Spanish benɑˈvɛnte i marˈtineθ)
(Biography) Jacinto. 1866–1954, Spanish dramatist and critic, who wrote over 150 plays. Nobel prize for literature 1922

Be•na•ven•te y Mar•tí•nez

(ˌbɛn əˈvɛn ti i mɑrˈti nɪz)
Jacinto, 1866–1954, Spanish playwright: Nobel prize 1922.
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