Jack arch

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an arch of the thickness of one brick.

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Among these options the Jack Arch roofing became the most demanding for all types of buildings and all major departments of the British Indian Empire started to build roofing of their buildings with Jack Arch.
The marvellous invention of the jack arch (a combination of brick vaulting stiffened by wrought iron or steel beams and often supported on cast iron columns) allowed new perceptions of mass carried apparently effortlessly -- potentially as powerful a spatial device as the dome floated over Hagia Sophia by Isodorus of Miletus and Anthemios of Tralles.
The existing bridge is 15 feet long, single span, steel stringers Jack Arch deck widened with a reinforced concrete slab and overlaid with asphalt.
existing old Jack arch roof type quarter (Type-I) by providing 55 Type-ll Qtrs on age cum condition basis on RKB-JSM Section under ADEN/JSM.
work for replacement of Jack arch roof by RCC flat/FRP/Galvalume sheet roof under
Tenders are invited for Two existing jack arch bridges and replacement of them with a single two-span structure.
Tenders are invited for Heavy repair to completely failed, heavily leading jack arch roof Chhajli Station and repair to PF surface of BSS, BZ, CJL, GJW and GGKR station on Dhuri Jakhal Hissar section in the section o% SSE/W/Dhuri under ADEN/Patiala and (ii) Repair to retro reflective boards of BTI station and manned level crossings o% Dhuri - Bathirda section uraer SSE/W/Bathinda under Sr.
8/10 At Kakrala Having Single Room Low Plinth & Old Jack Arch Roof & Lacking Basic Facilities & Quarter No.
Tenders are invited for Work will involve removal of an existing jack arch structure and and replacement with a new precast 14~ by 6~ concrete box culvert with associated wingwalls and cut-off walls, furnishing and installing bridge and guide railing, reconstructing and overlaying of approach roadways, coordination of utility work, and appurtenant work.