Jack back

(Brewing & Malt Vinegar Manuf.) a cistern which receives the wort. See under 1st Back.

See also: Jack

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The evening also seen 22-year-old cornet-elect Jack Back confirmed in the position as part of the riding of the marches.
He told Express Sport: "It is brilliant to have Jack back at the club because he was a really important player for us during his first spell.
I'm pleased with the standard of performances but having Jack back will not only make me think, it will keep everybody else on their toes as well.
To be published by Titan Comics, the Torchwood comic series finds Captain Jack back in Cardiff seeking help from Welsh police officer Gwen Cooper to combat "a dark technology from a forgotten species which has been claimed by a conspiratorial power".
Ighalo then fed Abdi, who smashed his drive past keeper Jack Back up but we Butland to put the game beyond Stoke.
Kevin, Sophie and Rita face a race against time to get Jack back after Jenny abducts him.
It usually worked pretty well though occasionally there would be a cry and a crash and we'd all rush out and help Jack back on to his bike.
But now the Welsh animal lover who helped nurse Jack back to health has vowed to find a foster home for him in Wales.
C with their skipper Jack back in the fold this week.
I'm told: "Since getting engaged to Jack back in April last year Mel has been planning her big day.
95) finds Jack back in his modern world--only to continue facing the dark forces that tried to keep him from his home.