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Of or relating to Andrew Jackson, his concepts of popular government, or his presidency.

Jack·so′ni·an n.
Jack·so′ni·an·ism n.


(Historical Terms) of or relating to a person surnamed Jackson, esp Andrew Jackson


(dʒækˈsoʊ ni ən)

1. of or pertaining to Andrew Jackson or his ideas, political principles, etc.
2. a follower of Andrew Jackson or his ideas.
[1815–25, Amer.]
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Noun1.Jacksonian - a follower of Andrew Jackson or his ideas
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Jacksonian - of or pertaining to Andrew Jackson or his presidency or his concepts of popular democracy
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She covers the Scots-Irish role in the Colonial Period, American Revolution, and early republic; the Jacksonian democracy, the Antebellum Period, and the coming of the Catholic Irish to America; the Civil War era, Fenian Movement, and gilded age; and other related subjects.
Second, I profile these nineteenth-century antecedents, focusing on the restoration efforts of Jacksonian Democrats James K.
Some label him a Jacksonian when it comes to foreign policy, meaning Washington should act forcefully and unilaterally when it comes to its vital interests, while seeking to limit such intervention to when it is only absolutely necessary.
Documents range from colonization to 1877 and address political, social, cultural, economic, and gender issues like religion, slavery, Native Americans, the Constitution, Jacksonian democracy, women's rights, the Mexican War, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.
In addition, this year's featured artist, Jacksonian Pryor Graeber, will present a special painting honoring the school.
Palin sounded very much like a Jacksonian in her interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, in which she denounced Russia for what she perceived to be unwarranted aggression against Georgia and repeated three times "we cannot second guess Israel.
Separationists, Jacksonian small government advocates, and business interests won the day.
But Howe is having none of the convention that dubs this the Jacksonian Era.
Cheathem (Assistant Professor of History, Southern New Hampshire University), the nine articles comprising "Jacksonian And Antebellum Age" cover such issues as African American Revolutionaries; Presidential Politics and Social Scandal; Children and Culture; The Jacksonian Frontier; women, Taverns, and Travel; Religious Sects and Social Reform; New England Industry and Workers; Native American Politics and Removal; and Slave Traders.
No, replied Schlesinger, the Jacksonian Democrats were genuine keepers of the Progressive flame; Andrew Jackson was a sort of antebellum FDR (and FDR a latter-day Jackson) restoring democracy and care for "the little guy" to the republic.
The first American renaissance roughly coincided with the rise of Jacksonian democracy; but in the 1830s, few writers dallied with the mass fascination with democratic forms that foreign visitors such as de Tocqueville found so absorbing.
We have an old mossback Jacksonian who snorts and howls because there is a bathtub in the state house; we are running that old jay for Governor," he wrote.