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A supporter of James II of England or of the Stuart pretenders after 1688.

[From Latin Iacōbus, James; see Jacob.]

Jac′o·bit′i·cal (-bĭt′ĭ-kəl) adj.
Jac′o·bit·ism (-bī-tĭz′əm) n.


1. (Historical Terms) history Brit an adherent of James II after his overthrow in 1688, or of his descendants in their attempts to regain the throne
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a member of the Monophysite Church of Syria, which became a schismatic church in 451 ad
[C17: from Late Latin Jacōbus James + -ite1]
Jacobitic adj
ˈJacoˌbitism n


(ˈdʒæk əˌbaɪt)

a partisan of James II of England after his overthrow in 1688, or of the Stuarts.
[1689; see Jacobean, -ite1]
Jac`o•bit′ic (-ˈbɪt ɪk) Jac`o•bit′i•cal, adj.
Jac′o•bit•ism, n.
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Noun1.Jacobite - a supporter of James II after he was overthrown or a supporter of the Stuarts
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"


A. ADJjacobita
B. Njacobita mf


nJakobit(in) m(f)
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For, to inform the reader of a secret, which he had no proper opportunity of revealing before, Partridge was in truth a Jacobite, and had concluded that Jones was of the same party, and was now proceeding to join the rebels.
He threw himself into the struggle of party, first as a Whig, then as a Tory; but as a friend said of him later, "He was neither Whig nor Tory, neither Jacobite nor Republican.
It is true that his nature was extremely conservative; that after a brief period of youthful free thinking he was fanatically loyal to the national Church and to the king (though theoretically he was a Jacobite, a supporter of the supplanted Stuarts as against the reigning House of Hanover); and that in conversation he was likely to roar down or scowl down all innovators and their defenders or silence them with such observations as, 'Sir, I perceive you are a vile Whig.
If a man like your brother likes to go into Parliament as a yeoman or a gentleman or a Jacobite or an Ancient Briton, I should say it would be a jolly good thing.
In 1745, a few Digbeth residents massproduced weapons for the Jacobite Uprising against the British Crown.
In 1745, Digbeth residents massproduced weapons for the Jacobite Uprising against the British Crown.
Under the section entitled "Mysteries of Past History", Harman wrote: "It was believed that a quantity of arms were provided here by certain gentlemen favourable to the Pretender's (Charles Edward Stuart aka Bonnie Prince Charlie) Jacobite cause in 1745, and that, on the rebels failing to reach Birmingham, the said arms were buried on the premises of a certain manufacturer, who for the good of his health fled to Portugal.
Sophie Irwin and Graeme Tait, both 31, were enjoying a day out to see the Jacobite Steam train at the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Inverness-shire as part of their holiday.
The visits are being organised by members of The Fifteen (The Northumbrian Jacobite Society), which holds talks and meetings at the site.
They phoned police who arranged for The Jacobite, which was used in the Harry Potter movies, to make an extra stop on the nearby West Highland Railway Line.
Kochi: The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of India's supreme head, Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, was on Sunday besieged in St Mary's Varikolly Church near here by members of the opposing Jacobite faction for several hours and could only leave in the evening, police said.
The old Jacobite hymn might conjure up images of shaggy Scotch clansmen howling depredations at their English adversaries, but anyone hoping to encounter the Hollywood version of the Highlander at the National Museum of Scotland's excellent exhibition on 'Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites' will be disappointed.