Jacquard loom

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(or jac′quard) loom`,

a loom for producing elaborate designs in an intricate weave (Jac′quard weave` or jac′quard weave`) constructed from a variety of basic weaves.
[1850–55; after J. M. Jacquard (1757–1834), French inventor]
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Noun1.Jacquard loom - a loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threadsJacquard loom - a loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threads; used in weaving figured fabrics
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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us that we bar high first exhibition This made them suitable for weaving on an electronic Jacquard loom at a family-owned mill in Belgium.
Mechanization, as in the jacquard loom, enabled cheaper manufacture and production of readymade garments (the knock-offs of that time).
The Aban Collection has been woven by a Jacquard loom to realise a variegated design which is finished with a gentle fringed trim.
Another impressive exhibit is the Jacquard Loom, named after its French inventor, an 18th-century straw-hat manufacturer from Lyons.
The Analytical Engine weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.
However, when the French invented the Jacquard loom in 1801, it was they who led the way in mass-production of silk woven designs.
Hearsall Primary School pupil Edward, aged six, impressed the judges with his piece about a stegosaurus, while Millie, aged 11, who goes to Princethorpe College, drew inspiration from the Jacquard loom on display.
After the invention of the Jacquard Loom in the 18th century, the process of manufacturing textiles was transformed.
However Stiegler's generalisation of this concept would also include, for example, the operation of the Jacquard loom as a standardisation of the actions of individual weavers or the way in which cinema editing represents a grammatisation of the flux of perception.
The First exhibit, a large 19th century Jacquard loom, was being installed last week.
Invented in 1804, the Jacquard loom transformed the silk industry and catapulted its inventor to fame.
The Jacquard loom was invented in France by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1804.