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(nĕk′ər, nĕ-kĕr′), Jacques 1732-1804.
Swiss-born French financier and politician who advocated the formation of the States-General to effect financial reform. His brief dismissal by Louis XVI (1789) precipitated the storming of the Bastille.


(ˈnɛkə; French nɛkɛr)
(Biography) Jacques (ʒak). 1732–1804, French financier and statesman, born in Switzerland; finance minister of France (1777–81; 1788–90). He attempted to reform the fiscal system and in 1789 he recommended summoning the States General. His subsequent dismissal was one of the causes of the storming of the Bastille (1789)


(nɛˈkɛər, ˈnɛk ər)

n. Jacques,
1732–1804, French statesman, born in Switzerland.
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WHERE did French statesman Jacques Necker retire to |during the French Revolution?
The postscript contrasts Anne-Louis Girodet's Portrait du citoyen Belley, ex-representant des colonies to the painting Mme de Stael a cote du buste de son pere Jacques Necker, attributed to Firmin Massot.
The macro storm clouds will only darken in Europe as no French chief executive from poor doomed Louis XVI's Jacques Necker (whose sacking led to the Paris mob storming the Bastille on July 1789) to Mr Hollande's ideological mentor Mitterrand Le Grand has successfully engineered structural reforms.
As daughter of Louis XVI's Director-General of Finance, Jacques Necker, Germaine de Stael's life (1766-1817) was marked by a complex blend of wealth, privilege, and social status.