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Noun1.Jean-Jacques Rousseau - French philosopher and writer born in SwitzerlandJean-Jacques Rousseau - French philosopher and writer born in Switzerland; believed that the natural goodness of man was warped by society; ideas influenced the French Revolution (1712-1778)
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A couple of tall poplars and a few other trees stood grouped on the clean, dark gravel, and under them a few garden benches and a bronze effigy of Jean Jacques Rousseau seated on its pedestal.
There was something of naive, odious, and inane simplicity about that unfrequented tiny crumb of earth named after Jean Jacques Rousseau.
It was by not following this simple plan that poor Jean Jacques Rousseau came to such grief.
Jean Jacques Rousseau enunciated your socialistic theory nearly two centuries ago.
The bad side of human thought will always be defined by the paradox of Jean Jacques Rousseau, -- you remember, -- the mandarin who is killed five hundred leagues off by raising the tip of the finger.
Among modern philosophers who have shaped today's world, contends Ferrara, Swiss-born French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) is the one who originated the idea that identity can be a source of moral and political normativity, and that an identity's potential for playing such a role rests on its capacity for being authentic.
Abul-Ainain said that creative intellectuals struggled throughout the ages to raise the ceiling of freedoms like: Aristotle, Averroes, Galileo, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Taha Hussein, Voltaire, etc.