jade plant

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jade′ plant`

a succulent S African shrub, Cassula argentea, of the stonecrop family, with small oval leaves.
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TipTHE jade plant or money tree is a great plant to give as a gift, because it lasts for generations, provided it is not watered too much.
Crassula ovata, also known as the jade plant or money tree, is a succulent with a unique look that makes a fantastic houseplant.
Pothos, Aloe, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Jade Plant, Rubber Tree, Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily, and Heart Leaf Philodendron.
A friend phoned me a few weeks ago concerned about the sunken, blackened areas on the trunk of her jade plant.
Perhaps it's that geranium with the bright red blossoms that always catches your eye, or those showy golden--yellow chrysanthemums that you pick to make fall bouquets for Mom, or maybe it's the potted jade plant on the kitchen windowsill that bursts forth with tiny star-shaped pink flowers every Christmas.
Its foliage and flowers will remind you of jade plant (Crassula ovata), that notable and sculptural succulent that can grow up to 9 feet tall, but it is usually encountered at a more modest height.
Plants are extremely opportunistic--stick a leaf from a jade plant in some sand and it may sprout roots.
One 7-inch pot holds only one jade plant while three others contain 2 plants each.
The jade plant or money tree encourages wealth and prosperity and is most effective received as a gift, so it makes a lovely present.
Off my room, I even have a sunny little patio with potted geraniums and a jade plant.
Containing over a thousand varieties of snake plants, areca palm and the jade plant, the building is one of the healthiest in the Indian city.