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 (jīn) also Jai·na (jī′nə)
A believer in or adherent of Jainism.

[Hindi jaina, from Sanskrit jaina-, relating to the saints, from jinaḥ, saint, victor, from jayati, he conquers.]


(dʒaɪn) or


1. (Hinduism) an adherent of Jainism
2. (Hinduism) one of the saints believed to be the founders of Jainism
(Hinduism) of or relating to Jainism or the Jains
[C19: from Hindi jaina saint, literally: overcomer, from Sanskrit]



also Jai•na

(ˈdʒaɪ nə)


an adherent of Jainism.
[1795–1805; « Skt jaina]
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Adj.1.Jain - relating to or characteristic of Jainism; "Jain gods"


njaïn mf
adjjaïn f inv
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2) A number of works expound the AvN, among which three prose commentaries--the curni attributed to Jinadasa (seventh century) and two tikas (or vrttis) separately by Haribhadra (eighth century) and by Malayagiri (twelfth century)--as a whole constitute a vast and coherent corpus of ancient Jaina narrative lore.
Shah's study of the Sangrahani Sutra is also referred to, as presented in his book New Documents of Jaina Painting.
El viernes 13 de abril el actor se entero por Eduardo Vertiz, uno de los tecnicos de fotografia de su equipo de filmacion, que quedaba fuera del proyecto por ordenes de Thieriot, lo que le cumplieron al dia siguiente cuando se fueron a grabar a la Isla de Jaina.
31 -- Karbonn mobiles, a joint venture mobile manufacturing company between United Telelinks Limited and Jaina Marketing & Associates, has listed its latest smartphone, the Titanium S4 on Flipkart for Rs 15,990.
Direct vendors were Simoncini's vehicles Jaina Capital and Jaina Ventures, Match said.
Direct vendors were Simoncinia[euro](tm)s vehicles Jaina Capital and Jaina Ventures, Match said.
Y es que la filosofia de la no violencia gandhiana incorpora varios elementos no solo del pensamiento hindu y jaina, sino inclusive de la caridad cristiana.
Samples come from the following sites: Cholula, Puebla; El Zapotal, Veracruz; Jaina Island, Campeche; San Gervasio/Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo; Tlatelolco, Mexico City, D.
After Yura returned to Kyrgyzstan, Ducia campaigned, with help from friends, to bring Yura to Wales with his wife Elena and children Dimitri, Jaina, and Vassily.
The first, elaborated in ceramic, comes from excavations conducted in 1957 in Pre-Hispanic Mayan burial grounds in the isle of Jaina, Campeche (Mexico).
Las escuelas nastikas son budista, jaina y carvaka.
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