James Fenimore Cooper

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Noun1.James Fenimore Cooper - United States novelist noted for his stories of American Indians and the frontier life (1789-1851)James Fenimore Cooper - United States novelist noted for his stories of American Indians and the frontier life (1789-1851)
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To give an example: during his stay in Florence in 1828-29, the novelist James Fenimore Cooper wrote in his travel book, Excursions in Italy (1838), that the wine at the Ricasoli Palace where he lived was "among the best of Tuscany, and I drink it with great satisfaction; the more so because its cost is about four cents the bottle" (20).
The cowboys and other pioneers who populate the works of such writers as James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain, Bret Hart, and Owen Wister emerged within a social milieu in which male bonds were unburdened by contemporary stigmas of homosexuality.
Meanwhile, America's most popular storytellers, James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving, hymned homely virtues, heartfelt romances, and unsophisticated accents, and had them all triumph over the sinister plottings of Europeans and American Indians.
Devereux Emmet designed this lovely, 18-hole course among the hills and along the waters where James Fenimore Cooper set several of his novels in upstate New York.
Bush is indeed heading toward a "Cooper" moment, but it is James Fenimore Cooper, and the president is cast as Natty Bumppo, the enigmatic character in Cooper's "The First Warpath"--better known as "The Deerslayer.
The scenes are straight out of James Fenimore Cooper, who first described them in The Last of the Mohicans.
James Fenimore Cooper, John Paul Jones, and others provide fine insights and adventure.
172, 234) It would seem therefore that Canada's persistent difficulty in attracting Reich or for that matter other German immigrants in anything comparable to the numbers who emigrated to the United States had less to do with a harsher northern climate or the aura of greater excitement on the American frontier cultivated by writers of the ilk of James Fenimore Cooper and Karl May--among several explanatory factors Wagner analyzes to account for this wide discrepancy--than to fundamentally misconceived socially and politically conservative Canadian policy in this field.
It's been said," writes Olsberg, "that the great subject of American culture -- from James Fenimore Cooper to Clifford Still, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to John Coltrane, from Terrence Malick to James Turrell -- is the contemplation of space, and that the archetypal American artist is the rebellious idealist from the wilderness who works with stunning but unselfconscious originality.
Guided only by hand-drawn maps and their wits across a dangerous landscape, migrants are America's last pioneers, their journeys evoking those of Melville's "outlanders" and the stories of James Fenimore Cooper.
Nursing a grudge, Cooper, Cooperstown's founder and father of novelist James Fenimore Cooper, launched the Impartial Observer on October 22 of the following year, just in time to weigh in on that November's elections.
He devoured the books of James Fenimore Cooper, and the German writer Karl May--who never visited America and never saw an Indian.